classe 100 v12e


Product Description


2 WIRE handsfree colour video internal unit with inductive loop, preset for different types of installations, depending on the accessories used: wall mounted, flush mounted, table mounted, with side-by-side handset, and tilted, both when wall mounted and when flush mounted.

It has a 4.3″ (16:9) colour LCD display. Keys available: entrance panel/scrolling activation, door lock release, staircase lights control, handsfree connection and 4 configurable keys. Depending on the configurators connected to (M), the 4 configurable keys will perform different functions (e.g. Intercom, additional door lock activation, generic activations).

LEDs used for: call exclusion, door status, connection with the entrance panel.

Possibility of audio and ringtone volume adjustment (with call exclusion), as well as display colour, brightness, and contrast adjustment, using the appropriate rocker keys, after accessing the menu using the dedicated keys. 16 different ringtones available.

For wall mounted installation, the bracket supplied must be used. For all other types of installation, the appropriate accessories must be purchased separately.

The device must be configured.

Dimensional Data

FireShot Capture 33 - Classe 100 video_ - http___www.bticino.com_video-door-entry-system_classe-100_


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