Bosch CM720B-1 Amp Lan Power Supply

CM720B 1-Amp LAN Power Supply

Product Description

Product Details

  • 1 Amp continuous rated; LAN monitored
  • Multiple protected power outputs
  • Resettable fuse protected
  • Pulse battery charger
  • AC Fail output, low battery output and low battery indicator
Power Requirements
Voltage Input (Primary Source:) 16-18V AC 50-60Hz – 24VA External Power Adaptor or 220-240V AC to 18V AC 50-60Hz – 24VA Internal Transformer
Stand-By Battery (Secondary Source): 12V DC, 7.2AH sealed rechargeable battery Panasonic LC-P12R2P or equivalent. Resettable Fuse Protected @ 3 Amps
Voltage Output: 13.8V DC @ 1 Amp. Ripple 100mV @ Full Load (Primary supply source only)
Battery Monitoring: 11.5V DC Low battery trouble at keypads, low battery report sent (if programmed) 10.0V DC Shut down as voltage fails below 9V DC13.0V DC Battery trouble clears from keypads, battery restore report sent (if programmed)
Module Connection (RS485 LAN): Max total LAN length using multi strand security cable = 300mMax total LAN length using 2 pair twisted shielded data cable (Belden 8723) = 1200m
Outputs: 3 Output Terminals providing a total of 1 Amp output current (Resettable Fuse Protected) AC Fail – 50mA Max – Sink – 120mA – Overload Protected Low Battery – 50mA Max – Sink – 120mA – Overload Protected
Inputs: Cabinet Tamper
Environmental Considerations
Temperature: 0o to 55oC Operating
Humidity: 5% to 85% at 30oC non-condensing
Dimensions: 115(W) x 86(D) x 30(H)mm
Warranty: 3 years


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