Bosch CM760B Real Time Clock Module

CM760B Real Time Clock Module

Product Description

Product Details

  • Accuracy better than =/- 2 minutes / calendar year
  • Simple RS485 LAN connection to control panel
  • Local low battery fault indicator and dedicated tamper input
  • LAN monitored, encrypted data and anti-substitution
  • Service keypad connection point included
Power Requirements
Operating Voltage: 10.5V DC – 14.0V DC @ 50mA Stand-by
Battery Type: 3V Lithilum button cell type (CR2032 size)
Battery Life: Approx. 3 years
Module Connection (RS485 LAN): Max total LAN length using multi-strand security cable = 300mMax total LAN Length using 2 pair twisted shielded data cable (Belden 8723) – 1200mSee manual for complete wiring instructions.
Inputs Cabinet tamper
Fixing Method: The CM760 can be mounted in the MW700, Mw710, MW720 or MW730 enclosures using clip in PCB mounts supplied
Accuracy: Better than +/- 2 minutes per calendar year
Environmental Considerations:
Temperature: 0o to 55oC Relative humidity 5% to 85% at 30oC non-condensing
Dimensions: 115(W) x 86(D) x 30H)mm
Warranty: 3 years


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