EWS Video Intercom Monitor


Ultra thin Hands-free door entry monitor with 7″ display in 16/9 Colour screen and touch button.

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Product Description

EWS 4 Wire Intercom Kit includes Intercom, Monitoring and Access Control.

Intercom - Handsfree video intercom in HD display

Monitoring - Video surveillance your home in real time

Access Control - 0.3/3s/6s/9s unlocking timing free setting


EWSB7 is a 7" colour LCD monitor with 800(h)x480(V) screen resolution size. It operates with a touch button and powered with DC 13.5V/1.5A.

(Refer to Data Sheet below for more specific product information).

EWSB4 package includes: - 2x Screw(ST4x25mm)

- 2x Flat Cable (A2500H-4Y4C100)

- 1x Flat Cable (A2500H-2Y2C100)

- User Manual

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