EWS Aluminium Alloy Door Stationhritik


Aluminium alloy for water, riot protection; 120 degree wide view with IR night vision.

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Product Description

EWS 4 Wire Intercom Kit includes Intercom, Monitoring and Access Control.

Intercom - Handsfree video intercom in HD display

Monitoring - Video surveillance your home in real time

Access Control - 0.3/3s/6s/9s unlocking timing free setting

EWSk4 is a HD Optical glass door station camera with 720(H)x576(v) pixels and operated with DC 13.5V power supply. The dimensions of EWSK4 are 101.5x146.8x41.5(mm).

(Refer to Data Sheet below for more specific product information).

EWSB4 package includes:

- Power Adapter (ML-WY135/15)
- 4x Screw(ST4x25mm)

-  Flat Cable (A2500H-4Y4C100)

- Rubbery Plug

- User Manual

EWS Intercom Diagram EWS Intercom Data Sheet EWS Intercom System Installation Installation Diagram 2 (1)


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