NetcamViewer Monitor

NetcamViewer Monitor: H.264 & MJPEG Network Video Decoder

  • View any IP-camera on your Monitor
  • Configurable Camera Sequence
  • HDMI & Composite Video Output

Product Description

  • NetcamViewer Monitor displays all the images from an IP-camera on a monitor. Both via HDMI (cable included) or on an analogue monitor via a separate analogue cable set.
  • Support for all famous and obscure brands of camera by selecting the brand or by direct input of the image URL. Also supports ONVIF cameras. Maximum resolution of 1080p, depending on the brand and model of camera and available network capacity.
  • Display of a camera on a full screen or in sequence mode, where multiple cameras are shown in sequence on a full screen. This equipment can be configured via an intuitive interface from within a browser using a PC, MAC, smartphone or tablet. Connected to the network using Ethernet.
  • Can be mounted using an optional VESA-between-bracket, which is ordered separately. This bracket offers the option of permanent installation on a monitor, even if this is already mounted on a wall or ceiling using a VESA-bracket.
  • Connection to the network is only via an Ethernet cable. Support for WiFi will be added in the future.

  • Display on a fullscreen of an H264 RTSP stream at 720p/1080p 20fps, 1080p depending on brand and model of the camera and available network capacity.
  • Display on a full screen of  (M)JPG at a lower frame rate, depending on the brand of camera / resolution / quality.
  • Display of multiple cameras in a sequence on a full screen. Display duration is fully configurable.
  • Multiview, display of up to 9 cameras simultaneously on the display.
  • Audio output, provided the camera supports this.
  • HDMI output signal using the supplied cable.
  • Analogue output PAL/NTSC (with optional cable set).
  • Support for more than 600 brands of camera. Free support for the integration of new brands/models.
  • Support for ONVIF certified cameras.
  • Manual expert-configuration for the display of any RTSP-, MJPEG-, or JPG (JPEG)-stream.
  • Manual expert-configuration for additional camera related API.
  • The start-up time of the camera may vary depending on the configuration, functionality and hardware of the camera.
  • Complete configuration using a browser. Support for mobile devices for simple configuration.
  • Multi-lingual interface (English, Dutch, German).
  • Hardware is based on Raspberry PI 3 Model B.
  • WiFi 2.4GHz (with optional dongle).
  • VESA mount in between monitor and VESA wall-mount (with optional mounting bracket). Can also be used with only a monitor without the VESA wall-mount.
  • Product support via e-mail or VPN.
  • Powered via a micro-USB 5V or supplied mains power supply 110-230V, 50-60Hz.
  • Dimensions: 95 x 63 x 25 mm.


  • Spotmonitor at the entrance of shops
  • Picture-in-Picture or full-screen on a standard TV (depending on the capabilities of the TV)
  • Display on an analogue monitor (requires a cable set supplied separately


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