Hills Tru-Band VHF Black Arrow

The Hills Tru-Band™ antennas are a revolutionary new VHF Only (Band 3 or Block A) antenna for Australian capital cities that have been designed for the digital-only TV environment


The Hills Tru-Band VHF Black Arrow antenna features:

• Designed for Australian capital cities for VHF channels 6-12
• Boomlock technology used to secure elements to balun
• Sensational all-black finish for low visual impact
• New mounting clamp for quicker and safer installer
• Matched balun for best MER performances and lowest insertion loss
• Ultrasonically sealed balun prevents water ingress for maximum reliability
• Strong mechanical construction with a lightweight and compact design
• Fully designed and manufactured in Australia with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty


This antenna an ideal solution for properties in capital cities that only receive VHF channels. It’s accurate design for VHF signal without inessential extras makes it the optimum antenna for installers who know exactly what they need.

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