Discreet, Neat & Sleek

Recessed Installation of Milesight Dome Cameras

Discreet Installation Dedicated to Perfect Protection

The highlights of recessed installation lie in its discreetness and concealment. It allows cameras to be embedded in the ceiling with only the dorm part of cameras protruding through, which enables them to protect your assets 24/7 without attracting attention. And with smoked dome covers available, you can easily hide the direction of the camera lens for not letting people know where it is pointing.

Quick and Easy Installation Without Complexity

To provide a better user experience, Milesight designs products from the perspective of installers and endeavors to simplify and speed up the installation. Mounting cameras into the ceiling only needs three screws and one magnetic cover ring which can easily snap on.

Neat and Elegant Installation for
Better Visual Appearance

Being tucked into the ceiling, cameras can seamlessly blend in with surroundings, which is space-saving and minimizes the interruption of visual appearance of the interior to ensure neatness and orderliness.

Applicable Models & Compatible Accessories

In response to market demand, most of Milesight Dome Cameras have been supplemented with the Recessed Installation, covering the basic product line to high-end product line to meet different types of customer needs.

Application Scenarios

How to Install Milesight Dome Cameras with Recessed Mount

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