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To watch the live view of IPC remotely, you need to do port mapping for your IPC. You need to configuration these three port:

IPC Ports

* You can modify the port number to any number if it is not conflict.

There are two kinds of port mapping, Virtual Servers is applicable to the case of more than one IPC connected to the router needed to be shared. DMZ is mainly suitable for only one IPC.

Virtual Servers

For example,

Port forwarding

1. Make sure your TP-Link router and the IPC are in the same network segment.

2. Login the IPC web management, change the HTTP port number to 8081. Change the RTSP port to 5554 and Playback port to 5555.

Port forwarding

3. Access the router’s IP address “”. The default User name and Password is usually ‘admin’.

Port forwarding

4. Once logged into your router, follow the tips below. Fill in the following information:

Port forwarding

5. The same as HTTP, add a new rule of RTSP/Playback.


In some special cases, we need to fully expose a local area network computer to the WAN, we can set the device as DMZ mode. So enable the DMZ mode in the [DMZ], input the IP of the IPC to make the DMZ work. In this way, computer with internet can visit all the ports of the IPC by entering the router’s WAN IP.

Port forwarding

Check out

Visit the WAN IP, so that you can visit the IPC of in this LAN.

Port forwarding

Add the WAN IP for example, to your m-sight app, fill the 8081 to the port. So that you can visit the IPC of on your phone.

Port forwarding
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