Download Center

Elitewholesalers download center provides all the software and documentation resources needed for customers including free VMS softwares, User Manual, Datasheet, Demo Video and Firmware updates, etc. Find the latest downloads for Elite network cameras, NVRs, VMS, CMS.


Name Date Size Download
4K/H.265 Series NVR (MS-Nxxxx-xxT) 2018.08.09
4K/H.265 Series NVR (MS-Nxxxx-xxH) 2018.08.09
H.265 4K Series/12MP Fisheye Camera
H.264 Series Camera (MS-Cxxxx-xxA) 2018.07.17
H.265 Series Camera (MS-Cxxxx-xxB) 2018.07.16

Note: For the other models, please contact with support.



Name Version Date Size Download
Milesight CMS V2.3.0.8-r2 2018.08.03 57.8M
Milesight M-Sight Pro (Android) V3.1.0.1-r4 2018.07.25 14.3M
Milesight Smart Tools V2.3.0.3-r1 2018.05.17 29.7.M
Milesight VMS Pro V2.3.0.1 2018.01.26 21.9M
Milesight VMS Lite V2.3.0.38-r1 2017.06.29 6.25M
Milesight M-VMS (Android) V3.0.0.4 2016.12.23 22.0M

User Manual

Name Version Date Size Contact
Milesight CMS V2.02 2018.02.09 4.94M
Milesight NVR V5.03 2018.08.24 14.7M
Camera Quick Start Guide V5.1 2018.08.16 5.66M
Milesight Camera V7.08 2018.08.16 6.83M
Milesight Fisheye Camera V1.05 2018.07.31 5.29M
Milesight PTZ Camera V2.07 2018.07.31 6.25M
Milesight Smart Tools V2.05 2018.04.27 2.93M
Milesight M-Sight Pro V1.2 2018.04.20 2.72M
NVR Quick Start Guide V4.03 2018.04.02 3.60M
Milesight VMS Pro V3.09 2018.02.09 4.23M
Network Keyboard V1.01 2017.05.23 1.50M
Milesight VMS Lite V3.06 2015.08.08 1.93M

Milesight & EWS Datasheets

Name Date Size Datasheet
H.265 Mini Bullet Camera 2018.08.24 0.92M
H.265 ABF Pro Box Network Camera 2018.08.24 0.91M
H.265 Motorized Pro Dome Camera 2018.08.24 0.98M
H.265 Motorized Mini Bullet Camera 2018.08.24 0.99M
H.265 Vandal-proof Mini Bullet Camera 2018.08.24 0.85M
H.265 Vandal-proof Mini Dome Camera 2018.08.24 0.92M
12MP H.265 Fisheye Network Camera 2018.08.24 1.23M
H.265 Mini Dome Camera 2018.08.24 0.92M
12x H.265 AF Motorized Pro Bullet Network Camera 2018.08.24 0.99MB
H.265 IR Mini Dome Camera 2018.08.24 0.97M
H.265 Mini PoE PTZ Bullet Camera 2018.08.24 0.67M
H.265 Motorized Pro Bullet Network Camera 2018.08.24 1.33MB
H.265 Speed Dome Camera 2018.08.24 1.06M
4K H.265 Motorized Pro Bullet Network Camera 2018.08.24 1.21M
4K H.265 Pro NVR 7000 Series 2018.08.13 0.76M
4K H.265 Pro NVR 5000 Series 2018.08.13 0.76M
4K H.265 Mini NVR 1000 Series 2018.08.13 0.71M
4K H.265 Mini PoE NVR 1000 Series 2018.08.13 0.69M
4K H.265 Pro NVR 8000 Series 2018.08.13 0.9M
4K H.265 PoE NVR 7000 Series 2018.08.13 0.95M
4K H.265 PoE NVR 5000 Series 2018.08.13 0.68M
Milesight CMS 2018.03.12 1.60M
Milesight VMS 2018.03.12 1.56M
Milesight Network Keyboard 2018.03.12 1.00M