Smart Functions

A Smarter Way to Secure the World

Equipped with a bunch of cutting-edge technologies like VCA (Video Content Analysis) and Auto Tracking, Milesight cameras offer powerful, accurate and intelligent monitoring solutions to catch the most important moments on the video surveillance system, without always watching the live view. It helps the security system work more efficiently, which can relieve the pressure on human resources.

To make the cameras the true value-added ones, Milesight has incorporated a variety of industry-leading technologies into one product, catering for the demand in the smart security market.

Behavior Analysis Auto Tracking, Loitering, Object Left, Object Removed
Passing Region Entrance, Region Exiting, Line Crossing
Detection Motion Detection, Advanced Motion Detection, Human Detection, Tamper Detection
Statistics for Market Intelligence Heat Map, People Counting
Privacy Protection PTZ Privacy Mask
Convenient PTZ Control 3D Positioning, Keyboard Control
Intercommunication SIP/VoIP

Smart Functions in All Camera Series

Milesight VCA

With VCA embedded as standard, Milesight cameras support full 10 detection modes, which can alert the operator of detected predefined events automatically to strengthen safety management and to minimize damage through prompt response.

  • Milesight detail functions of Video Content Analysis
  • Region Exiting
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Tamper Detection
  • Line Crossing
  • Loitering
  • Human Detection
  • People Counting
  • Object Left
  • Object Removed
  • To protect a special area from potential threat of suspicious person’s or object’s entrance. An alarm will be triggered by enabling region entrance on the select regions.

  • Make sure that any person or object won't exit the area that is being monitored. Any exit of people or objects will trigger an alarm.

  • The function will pick any suspicious movement and trigger an alarm while filtering out “noise”, such as lighting changes, natural leaves movement, etc. The sensitivity can be configured to detect various movement according to different requirements.

  • Used to detect possible tampering like the camera being obstructed or broken.

  • An event will be triggered every time when the camera detects objects crossing a defined virtual line.

  • When objects are loitering in a defined area for a specific period of time, it would trigger an alarm.

  • When Human Detection is enabled, the camera will figure out whether it is a human or not in the monitoring area. Also the function allows to show the tracks of the moving object if the Show Tracks is enabled.

  • People Counting is able to count how many people enter or exist during the setting period, helping you better manage your place.

  • Object Left can detect and prompt an alarm if an object is left in a pre-defined region.

  • Object Removed can detect and prompt an alarm if an object is removed from a pre-defined region.

SIP/VoIP Solution

Milesight cameras support SIP and Audio I/O, which could integrate with various VoIP telephony systems to build a complete communication system. Then operators can receive an alarm phone call in time and check the real-time video/audio monitoring by VoIP to react instantly.

Smart Functions in PTZ Camera Series

PTZ Auto Tracking

Creating a 3D model within the monitoring range, Milesight PTZ cameras mark and track the object after target detection and selection in this model to ensure that the object maintains a fixed proportion for superb tracking views by automatically controlling the direction and zoom-level.

PTZ Privacy Mask

Adopting anonymization and limitation functionality for further privacy protection, Milesight supports 3D privacy masking in all PTZ cameras with their coordinate system, which keeps the specified area masked through manual operations from monitoring no matter how cameras pan/tilt/zoom.

3D Positioning & Keyboard Control

With a comprehensive operating system, Milesight PTZ cameras can be easily controlled. To monitor the region of interest for more details, operators can adjust the angle of cameras’ view and zoom ratio by just using a mouse or a keyboard.

Smart Functions in Panoramic Camera Series

Fisheye Auto Tracking

The algorithm-based Fisheye Auto Tracking enables the Fisheye Camera to leverage digital PTZ to better safeguard the monitored area from overall to partition. When moving object is detected in the view, the Original View or Panoramic View will display the whole view, while other Regional Views will cooperate with the linkage to track the details.

Advanced Heat Map

Applied in panoramic cameras, the Advanced Heat Map is used for the statistics of popularity in surveillance zones. Featuring various detailed configurations and intuitive time/space patterns, it visualizes visitor behavior which would greatly help the business intelligent management for smarter retail solutions.

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