Smart IR-II Technology

The Milesight Smart IR II Technology firstly applied to Mini PTZ Bullet Network Camera has greatly satisfied different distance requirements and flexibly fitted various application scenarios, which is proved customer-oriented. To improve the functionality of the products, Milesight extends the Smart IR II Technology to other network cameras.
  • Higher, to Light up the Security

    The brightness can be adjusted manually or automatically on the basis of the zoom ratio.

    The comparison of the image of the regular IR and Smart IR II Technology.

  • The combination of High Beam and Low Beam.

    Smart IR II Technology with High Beams and Low Beams upgrades IR Distance from 60m to 140m.

    With the combination of the High Beam and Low Beam, the new Smart IR II Technology allows the IR LEDs to reach the farther distance than before. For example, the H.265+ Mini PTZ Bullet Network Camera upgrades IR distance from 60m to 140m. The IR intensity is adjustable to fit different lighting conditions in various specific viewing angles, which would guarantee the image quality to avoid problem of overexposure and darkness.

  • High Beam Goes with Low Beam

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    Apart from the application of Smart IR II Technology in some models, the rest of network cameras also make improvement in IR LEDs functionality especially in the IR distance. Here is the improvement of them:

    Network Camera IR Distance
    IR Mini Dome Network Camera 20m
    Weather-proof Mini Dome Network Camera 25m
    AF Motorized Mini Dome Network Camera 35m
    Mini Bullet Network Camera 50m
    Vandal-proof Mini Bullet Network Camera 30m
    Vandal-proof Motorized Mini Bullet Network Camera 50m
    Motorized Pro Dome Network Camera 50m(3.0~10.5mm) / 90m(7~22mm)
    Motorized Pro Bullet Network Camera 60m(3.0~10.5mm) / 100m(7~22mm)
    12X AF Motorized Pro Bullet Network Camera 120m
    12X Mini PTZ Bullet Network Camera 140m
    12X/20X/23X Mini PTZ Dome Network Camera 120m
    23X/30X Speed Dome Network Camera 200m
    36X/42X Speed Dome Network Camera 300m
    360° Panoramic Fisheye Network Camera 15m
    180° Panoramic Mini Bullet Network Camera 15m
    180° Panoramic Mini Dome Network Camera 15m
    LPR Series Network Camera All Support
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