Elitewholesalers-Troubleshooting-Motion Detection

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1. What is Motion Detection

Motion Detection, commonly used in unmanned surveillance video and automatic alarm. It is the process of detecting a change in the position of an object relative to its surroundings or a change in the surroundings relative to an object. When a moving object is detected, the motion detection can be used by network cameras and video encoders, and by third-party software, too, for example, record video or send a notification.

Motion Detection off
Motion Detection on

2. How to Set Motion Detection

Step1: Log in web, and go to “Advanced Settings”→“Alarm”;

For motion detection,Tick “Enable Motion Detection” and choose “Trigger Type” as “Motion Detection”.

Set Motion Detection

Step2: Set motion region and choose the sensitivity;

Set Motion Detection

Step3: Set the schedule for motion detection;

Set Motion Detection

Step4: After setting motion detection successfully, if the motion detection is triggering, you will see the red warning icon showed as Figure 6 on the live video page;

Set Motion Detection
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