Elitewholesalers-Troubleshooting-How to add Third-party cameras to PoE NVR

Milesight-Troubleshooting-How to add Third-party cameras to PoE NVR.pdf

Milesight PoE NVR supports Third-party camera to add. But before plug into Milesight PoE NVR, the Third-party camera should set to the same IP segment as the NVR PoE IP.

1. NVR PoE IP Address(Internal NIC IPv4 Address)

Set the NVR POE IP Address, here takes the default for example.

PoE NIC IPv4 Address

2. Set the camera IP Address

Set the Third-party camera’s IP Address, the IP should at the same IP segment as NVR PoE IP.

Here takes for example.

3. Plug the PoE camera into the NVR PoE port.

4. Search the PoE camera

Select the NIC to “PoE” option, press “Search” button.

The PoE camera will appears in the list.

Select the Third-party PoE camera and press “Add” button.

Search the PoE camera
Search the PoE camera

5. Add the PoE camera to the NVR

Input the Camera password, set the other parameters you want and then press “Add”.

Add PoE camera to the NVR
Add PoE camera to the NVR

6. Camera Management

Camera Management page will show you the information about the PoE camera.

Camera Management

7. PoE Port Status

You can go to “Status”- “Camera Status”- “PoE Port Status” to check the PoE Power information.

PoE Port Status
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