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1. Choose Firmware

H.264 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3OW8hozx4jWaXBkSDNGMXJ5V1k/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3OW8hozx4jWdEZTRXZJMUY4b1U/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oyPBRAyH4iMAKuZ26cImj1pmlgBIYcTx


40/41.7.0.XX(MS-CXXXX-XXB): http://www.milesight.com/support/download.asp https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p5RMxUuUbMTmBkKWoTTsxKvUZlQ-_72a

43.7.0.XX(MS-C81XX-XX/MS-C82XX-XX/MS-CXXXX-(Q)(T)(R)(H)XX/MS-CXX74-PB/MS-CXX65-PB): http://www.milesight.com


1) Firmwares and are separately used for cameras MS-C2XXX and MS-3XXX which are without -A or -B in the model names, such as MS-C2182-P and MS-C3366-FPN;

2) Firmware is used for cameras with -A in the model names including MS-C2XXX-A and MS-3XXX-A, such as MS-C2182-PA and MS-C3366-FPNA;

3) Firmware 40.7.0.XX is used for cameras which use the firmware that the prefix of version number is 40 or 41;

4) Firmware 42.7.0.XX is used for cameras which use the firmware that the prefix of version number is 42 (For earlier MS-C8262-F(I)PB and MS-C9674-PB);

5) Firmware 43.7.0.XX is used for cameras which use the firmware that the prefix of version number is 43 (For MS-C8262-F(I)PB and MS-C9674-PB );

If failed to get the upgrade firmware by clicking the link directly , please copy the link to browser manually;

To ensure that the firmware is fully available, the downloaded file will be a compressed package. Please manually extract it before importing to the File Path.

2. Key Steps after Downloading the Firmware

If the firmware you downloaded is 30.7.0.XX or 4X.7.0.XX, you can skip this part and directly go to 3.Upgrade Steps, otherwise please read below steps carefully.

Step1: If the current firmware version of your camera is above XX.5.0.85, like or, you can go to 3.Upgrade Steps and upgrade your camera directly;

Step2: If the current firmware version of your camera is below XX.5.0.85, like or, you should change the name of the firmware you downloaded according to the table below;

Camera model and firmware

Take MS-C2651-PM for example:

Step1: According to the table above, it matches with MS-C2XXX, so we should download MSFImage_10.5.0.110_896a6b5b first.


1) Suppose that the firmware version of this camera is XX.5.0.87 before upgrading, we can directly upgrade it according to 3.Upgrade Steps;

2) Suppose that the firmware version of this camera is XX.5.0.79, we should change the name of the firmware we downloaded. According to Table2, MS-C2651-PM belongs to model MS-C26XX and matches with 11.X.X.XX. So we need to change MSFImage_10.5.0.110-r11_2e653e10 into MSFImage_11.5.0.110-r11_2e653e10

3. Upgrade Steps

Please check each model with right firmware version as mentioned above , then upgrade the firmware according to the following steps:

Step1: Go to the web of IP Camera, click “Configuration” -> “Maintenance” -> “Upgrade Firmware”

Upgrade Steps

Step2: Browse and select files for the upgrade.

Step3: Click the “Upgrade” button and a progress bar will pop up, wait for about 1-3 minutes until it reaches 100%. After that, the system will reboot, and the firmware upgrade successfully.

Upgrade Steps

Step4: Use Milesight Smart Tools to search out this camera according to its MAC address, and then change its IP into your local IP address. (The IP address will be kept after upgrading if the firmware versions are after XX.4.0.52).

You can also use Smart Tools to download the latest firmware.

“IPC Tools”-“Upgrade”-“Firmware Online”

Upgrade Steps

The link for Smart Tools:

http://www.milesight.com/DownloadFile/Software/Smart_Tools/Milesight_Smart Tools_Setup.zip


1) If the current firmware version of the camera is below and, like or, please reboot the camera and restore it into factory settings via web before upgrading.

2) For the new version, you may need to re-install the ActiveX. During the installation, please close the browser, otherwise the ActiveX may not be installed correctly.

3) Please clear the cookies first after re-installing the new ActiveX(Press Shift+Ctrl+Delete to quick call the clear cookies windows).

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