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Compliant Specification Meets AS/NZS 4365 for radio communications equipment in the UHF citizen and personal radio service.
Frequency Range TX 476.425-477.4125 MHz
Number of Channels 80
Channel Spacing 12.5 kHz
Operation Mode Simplex or half Duplex with repeater talk around.
Scanning Speed 25 ms per channel (40 channels per second)
Antenna Impedance 50 Ohms nominal
Nominal Battery Voltage 12 volts DC
Operating Voltage Range 10-16 volts DC
Battery Polarity Negative Earth
Standard Test Voltage 13.8 volts DC
Overvoltage Protection 30 volts DC max. At 18 volts DC the RF power is reduced, and the words ‘Hi DC’ flash.
Reverse Voltage Protection Diode Crowbar
Overcurrent Protection In-line 2 amp fuse
Operating Temperature -10°C to 60°C
Zones 8 (50 channels per zone)
Scan lists 3
RF Output 5 watts
Spurious Emission < – 70 dBc
Frequency Error < ± 1.5 kHz
Modulation FM
Maximum Deviation < ± 2.5 kHz at + 20 dB limiting
Transmit Frequency Response +6 dB per octave 300 Hz to 3 kHz +1-3 dB
Demodulated Audio Signal to Noise > 45 dB unweighted
Current Consumption 1.5 amps with 50 Ohms termination
Intermediate Frequencies 38.85 MHz, 450 kHz
Sensitivity – 122 dBm for 12 dB SINAD unweighted
Selectivity – 6 dB at + 3.5 kHz, ‑ 60 dB at ± 12.5 kHz
Intermodulation Immunity -72 dB
Blocking Immunity -98 dB
Spurious Response Immunity 70 dB
Audio Output Power 3 watts average into 4 Ohms
Audio Signal to Noise > 45 dB unweighted
Current consumption < 175 mA muted 750 mA Full volume
Conducted Spurious Emission < – 70 dBm
External Speaker 3.5 mm mono jack
Display type OLED

Check out the GME XRS 4WD Pack with AW4705B | XRSPACK’s Key Features
(GME XRS370C4P & AW4705B)

  • Genuine Australian GME 5 Year Warranty
  • Peace of Mind Purchase Guarantee (bottom of page)
  • Rugged, Die-cast Chassis with Built-in Speaker
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology-Smartphone Control
  • Professional Grade OLED Speaker Microphone
  • Class-Leading 2 watt Front-Facing Speaker
  • User-Customisable Buttons
  • Includes Heavy Duty 2.1dBi Radome Antenna Includes Interchangeable 6.6 dBi Radome Whip

XRS™ Connect – Latest Software Update

As part of GME’s ongoing commitment to deliver new features for our XRS™ Connect UHF CB Radio platform, we are excited to announce our latest software update as a response to feedback received from XRS™ Connect users.

Introducing three new features for the XRS™ Connect range of UHF CB Radios; Dual-Watch, Auto Power-Down and Roger Beep.

Dual-Watch allows users to quickly program a small scan group to monitor two channels, with additional scan time for your selected priority channel, Allowing users to keep track of their group channel, plus a secondary channel as well. Set dual-watch can to a programmable button for added convenience.

Auto Power-Down enables users to select various parameters that will automatically power-down XRS™ Connect UHF CB Radios when connected to a permanent 12V power source. Auto Power-down timeframe can be adjusted from 30 minutes up to 3 hours. The countdown timer reset after receiving a transmission, A fantastic feature for saving battery life when you have your XRS radio wired directly to the vehicle’s battery.

Roger Beep is an end-of-transmission acknowledgement that is automatically transmitted whenever the PTT is released, advising receiving parties that a transmission is complete. This user-selectable feature has been added to XRS™ Connect UHF CB Radios to meet on-site safety requirements within specific industries.

These exciting new features will be available to download via firmware update through the XRS™ Connect and XRS™ Location Services smartphone applications on both Google Play and the App Store from Monday 18th November.


The GME XRS-370C4P XRS Connect 4WD Pack pairs the top-of-the-line GME XRS-370C Compact UHF CB Radio, with the Heavy Duty AE4704B radome antenna, the perfect solution for those users looking for the ultimate communications setup for their hardcore 4WD. This is the latest addition to the revolutionary range of XRS radios, designed to be smart, adaptable and rugged.

Combined with a market-leading Speaker Microphone featuring a bright, anti-glare OLED display and powerful 2 watt front-facing speaker, the XRS-370C radio offers outstanding performance in the toughest conditions.

Enabled by Bluetooth® Smart technology, the XRS Connect range are a new generation of connected UHF CB radios with unique features exclusive to GME; including the XRS Connect smartphone app, and the recently released, game-changing XRS Connect Location Services smartphone app.


Software upgradeable
The XRS Connect App enables the radio’s software to be upgraded using the internet connection of your smart device. Notifications of new features and enhancements added regularly at no additional cost.

NEW! XRS Connect Voice Playback
This brand new feature enables users to record all voice transmissions received from other radios. Quickly and easily play back the recorded transmissions via the OLED controller microphone, eliminating missed calls. You can now record and store the first 30 seconds of each received transmission, with a total recording of 12 minutes. During playback, the radio will display the name of each recording and the time elapsed since the call was received. This new feature is available for download via firmware update through XRS Connect and XRS Location Services apps.

XRS Connect Location Services
The Latest update to the XRS Family of products brings the facility to send, receive and display locations and status, Track multiple users and store detailed mapping on large properties with no cellular coverage. Combining the power of XRS with GPS engine and display of a smartphone or tablet, XRS Connect Location services brings UHF CB radio communication into a new world of possibilities. (Software update maybe be required)

Create and share scan lists
Create any combination of up to 400 frequencies in 8 scan lists (zones), including frequencies anywhere between 403-520 MHz and store them in your app for simple, easy access. The lists can then be shared with any other XRS Connect radio user.

Easy to use app
The new XRS Connect App is compatible with most smartphones and tablets (Android 5.0 or iOS 9.0 or later). The app provides you with instant access to over 20,000 registered frequencies and can also be used as a secondary radio screen.

Easy reset
Clear any accidental setting changes with the easy setting reset functionality via the XRS Connect App. A full factory default feature is also available via the app or the controller microphone.

OLED microphone display
The XRS Connect speaker microphone has been uniquely designed to incorporate an industry first high contrast OLED screen for a crystal clear, anti-glare display.

2 watt speaker microphone
The XRS Connect speaker microphone is designed for noisy environments and houses a 2 watt speaker powered by GME’s unique ClearSound DSP architecture for clearer and more robust sound.

Open platform
GME’s new open platform allows any user to develop a customised app to control the functions of the radio.

Customisable buttons
The XRS microphone has two customisable buttons which can be assigned various radio functions.

ScanSuite™ and Super-fast Scan
XRS Connect radios are equipped with ScanSuite for virtual private group communications. With super-fast scan, ScanSuite can now scan 25% faster than previous generations and up to 4x faster than competitor radios.

GME – The Company

GME was established over 50 years ago with the intention of designing and manufacturing world class radio and communication equipment within Australia. GME products fall under the umbrella of Standard Communications Pty. Ltd. and proudly remain a privately owned Australian company. Their radio products are of the most reliable quality and have been depended upon by the Australian rural community and State Emergency Services. Their communications product range is broader than just radios and we stock great quality GME products including marine and car audio, UHF and VHF radios, scanners, chargers, batteries and a host of communication accessories.

The GME XRS-PACK Includes:

  • Compact UHF CB Radio (XRS-370C)
  • Professional-Grade Speaker Microphone (MC664B)
  • Heavy Duty UHF CB Radome Antenna (AE4704B)
  • Heavy Duty UHF CB Radome Whip (AW4705B4P)
  • 12V DC power Lead
  • Mic Extension Lead (LE040)
  • Mic Extension Adaptor Kit (AD008)
  • Quick Start Guide


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