Water Leakage Sensor

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Product Description

  • Monitors Water Leakage

    Monitors water leakage and sounds an alarm when water is detected

  • Regular supervision signals

    Regular supervision signals to check system integrity

  • Alarm silence button

    Alarm silence button to quiet nuisance alarms

  • Extendable Cable

    Extendable water sensing cables or water probe cable to cover hard-to-reach areas (optional)

  • Loud siren

    Loud 85dB siren for audio alert

  • Waterproof

    Waterproof up to IP55 standard

  • Smart water leak detection
  • Two types of detection probes for wall mounting or ground deployment
  • Extendable detection probes for different applications and needs
  • Built-in alarm for immediate alarm activation
  • Low battery detection
  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee products
  • Compliant with CE requirements
  • ZigBee Certified product
  • Detection Method: Resistance Bridge

WLS-15ZBS is a ZigBee wireless water sensor, designed to detect and prevent water damage in your vicinity. It offers extra protection to house owners to live in a fearless life.

With built-in buzzer, WLS-15ZBS can sound an alert and give you an immediate warning upon detecting water leakage. Two types of detection probes are provided for wall mounting or ground deployment, one of which is an extendable detection probe
that can be deployed with different configurations. WLS-15ZBS is compatible with Climax ZigBee Control Panels and can be flexibly programmed with different rules and conditions to make your home a much safer place to live.


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