EW-WRT-2 Ranger Two-Button Long-Range Transmitter with 13.5Mhz Chip

The model EW-WRT-2+ is a 2-button clicker-type access credential, featuring both long-range (upon button push) and proximity operation as well as Mifare 13.5Mhz

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Product Description

433-MHz RangeR® Long-Range wireless Radio transmitter


Wireless Radio Transmitters and Long Range Receivers with an integrated receive antenna comprise Farpointe Data’s high frequency, long-range identification solution known as Ranger1. Intended for security access control applications, Ranger’s wireless communication is based upon a secure, digital, anti-playback routine2. Ranger Transmitters are available in either a two- or four-button configuration, with each corresponding to its own Wiegand output on the Ranger Receiver. Each Transmitter includes an integrated red LED, used to indicate both positive button press and battery strength.

They are also equipped standard with a potted proximity or contactless smartcard module allowing the Transmitter to also be used as a close- range access credential. Transmitters ship standard with a proximity module compatible with Pyramid Series Proximity® readers. They can be ordered custom with a proximity module compatible with either HID’s or AWID’s standard 125-kHz proximity readers, or a contactless smartcard module (such as MIFARE® Classic 1K or 4K) compatible with Delta® Multi-Technology Contactless Smartcard Readers.

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output Formats

Transmitters are sequentially coded in either the industry standard 26-bit Wiegand format or custom Wiegand formats, with exact number sequences. As a cross reference the Transmitters’ internal ID number is printed on the ID label found on the back of the Transmitter. Specific coding details, including format, facility code, and ID range can be found on the Transmitter shipping box, as well as the shipment’s packing list.


Ranger transmitters make use of a time-out feature to preserve battery life and prevent interference with other transmitters on the field. When a button is held down continuously the transmitter will transmit the code once and shutdown and will power up once the button is released.


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